Back in the 1800s Camas was largely dependent upon one Georgia-Pacific paper mill. The city has certainly come a long way in the past 130 years. Now anchored by several well-known technology companies, Camas? economy is diverse and strong. The population, a relatively cozy 18,000, is poised for growth as families continue to seek out the well-rounded Camas lifestyle.

The trail systems in and around Camas are an important feature of this lifestyle. Heritage Trail, for example, is a 6-mile route that winds among the creeks, trees, brush, and native wildflowers surrounding Lacamas Lake. The extensive trail system at Lacamas Park is popular with more seasoned hikers who enjoy the varied elevations and terrain types. Other trail routes include Grass Valley Trail, Mill Ditch Trail, Lacamas Creek Trail and the Washougal River Greenway Trail.

Complementing these trail systems are Camas? public parks; they provide the benefit of open play space as well as sports facilities for more structured activities. Public tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields and a swimming pool give residents many options for weekend fun. Fishing and boating on Round Lake are also available via Lacamas Lake Park. Community events, including seasonal festivities, parties and picnics, can be enjoyed downtown and at the centrally located Crown Park.

The weather in Camas is characterized by wet, cool winters and mild, dry summers. Annual rainfall averages about 45 inches, with about one-third of this falling in the winter months. Temperatures during these months tend to fluctuate around 40 degrees. Temperatures reach the low 80s or higher from July to September and rainfall averages to less than two inches monthly. The spring and fall months are relatively moderate with temperatures ranging anywhere between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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